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Wet Scrubber

BS Projects Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Wet Scrubber manufacturer, supplier in Mumbai, India. A wet scrubber is an air pollution control device that is used to remove pollutants from industrial exhaust streams. It sprays a liquid (water) into the exhaust gas stream, absorbs the pollutants, and removes them from the air.

It effectively removes acidic gases such as sulfur dioxide, Phosphoric acid, silicon tetrafluoride, super phosphate, HNO3, HCl, NH3, and Fluorine and even some toxic gases. At BS Projects, we manufacture wet scrubber which are specially design for capture pollutants and remove it from air. These scrubbers can handle high temperature and hot gas stream. With this mechanism our wet scrubber is simple to maintain and handle.

Product Details :
Scrubber material FRP (Fibre-reinforced plastic)
Type Wet Scrubber
Molding Extrusion Molded
Capacity Range 150 CMH onwards
Country of Origin Made in India
Useful for Gas Cleaning Plant, Fume Treatment, and Gas Treatment application

Advantages of Wet Scrubber

Wet scrubber has several advantages, that help to controll air pollution in various industries :

  • Effective Removal of Pollutants :Wet scrubber is removing pollutants from gas stream. The capture and remove acidic gases from air.
  • Versatility : Wet scrubbers have different types. It totally depends upon specific contaminants present in the exhaust gases.
  • High Efficiency for Fine Particles : Wet scrubber can capture fine particles like less than 10 micrometers in size also.
  • Ability to Handle High Temperatures : These scrubber have ability to handle high temperature and suitable for hot gases treated industries.
  • Low Maintenance Requirements : As compared to other pollution cotroller device, wet scrubber required low maintenance.
  • No Secondary Waste Generation : Some scrubbing systems generate secondary waste, but wet scrubber typically do not generate additional waste.
  • Reduced Risk of Fire or Explosion : Wet scrubber operate with water based solutions, it reduce the risk of fire and explosion.

Wet Scrubber Features

Wet Scrubber has several features that help to remove pollutants from industrial gas stream:

  • Scrubbing Liquid : Generally Wet scrubber uses liquid (water) as a scrubbing material. It sprays liquid (water) into the gas stream, absorb pollutant and remove it from industrial gas stream.
  • Gas-liquid Contacting Mechanism : Wet Scrubber mechanism are - Spray tower, Packed bed scrubber and Venturi scrubber. Each mechanism use in gas - liquid interaction to capture pollution.
  • Particle and Gas Removal Efficiency : These scruuber are highly efficient to capture pollunts from air like dust, acid gases , toxic gases, and remove it from industrial gas stream.
  • Materials of Construction : At BS Projects, wet scrubber are typically constructed from corrosion resistant material such FRP (Fiberglass reinforced plastic).
  • Monitoring and Control Systems : Wet scrubber are equipped with monitor and control systems, that monitor it performance.
  • Maintenance and Upkeep : These scrubber requied low maintenance as compared to other material scrubbing systems. Routine maintenance is suffient for it.
  • Safety Features : In wet scrubber, pressure relief valves help to prevent over pressurization. Leak detection system use to identify leaks.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Standards : At BS Projects, these wet scrubber are designed to meet enviormental regulations and standard set by authority.

Usage / Application

Power Plants
Chemical Processing
Steel Mills and Foundries
Refineries and Petrochemical Plant
Waste Incineration
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Food Processing
Mining Operations
Pulp and Paper Mills
Woodworking and Furniture Manufacturing
Flue Gas Scrubbers System
Gitanandan Pune Ranjangaon (Scrubbers & Stack)
Scrubbing System at Jupitar International
FRP Scrubbing
Scrubbing System
Gas Scrubbers
Wet Scrubber