FRP Fan Stack

FRP Fan Stack Manufacturers in India

BS Projects is a leading FRP Fan Stack Manufacturer in India. FRP Fan stack is a boundary around the fan to separate air inlet and air delivery. It has three main components fan cylinder, air inlet or inlet bell, and fan diffuser or velocity recovery cone.

Product Details :
Fan material FRP (Fibre-reinforced plastic)
Size / Dimension Customize
Ventilation Mode Mechanical Ventilation
Air Contact Form Wet and Dry
Country of Origin Made in India

Types of FRP Fan Stack

  • Straight Vertical FRP Fan Stack
  • Flared FRP Fan Stack
  • Multiple Outlet FRP Fan Stack
  • Rectangle FRP Fan Stack
  • Single Wall FRP Fan Stack
  • Double Wall FRP Fan Stack
  • Heavy-Duty FRP Fan Stack
  • Customized FRP Fan Stack
  • Square / Rectangle FRP Fan Stack

FRP Fan Stack Features

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Material Composition
  • Customizable Design
  • Weather Resistance
  • Thermal Insulation (If required)
  • Smooth Internal Surfaces
  • Structural Stability
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Low Maintenance
  • UV Protection
  • Ease to installation
  • Noise reduction features (if required)
  • Monitoring Ports
  • Options for coating or lining

Usage / Application

Chemical Processing Plants
Wastewater Treatment Plants
Petrochemical Industry
Metal Finishing and Plating
Mining and Mineral Processing
Power Generation
Aerospace Industry
Food and Beverage Industry
Textile Industry
Automotive Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Industry
Marine and Offshore applications
Pulp and Paper Industry
Electronic manufacturing
Water and Desalination Plants
FRP Fan Stack
FRP Fan Stack
FRP Fan Stack

Materials of Construction (MOC)

FRP Fan Stack can be made in the following materials of construction FRP using various grades of resin like thermoplastic, Isophthalic (Polyester), Vinyl Ester, Bisphenol, Super Vinyl Ester (Epoxy Novolac based).